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Roof Repairs BrightonAll our employees are fully trained and certified in dealing with the safe and quick removal of Cement Bonded Asbestos Chrysotile.

Cement Bonded Asbestos (Chrysotile) roofs are commonly found on industrial buildings.

Working with and removing ACM’s (asbestos containing materials) is not to be taken lightly however working with and removing Chrysotile cement bonded products are non-notifiable tasks.

Due to our experience and the organisation methods we have adapted over our 14 years of trading now enable us to replace old roofs for new in very quick time scales even on occupied properties. See our page on fast track roofing

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Gutter and Rainwater goods

A considerable amount of roof leaks we repair and investigate are identified as gutter leaks as a result of rusting and more commonly joint sealant deterioration.

Simple regular maintenance can prevent early deterioration.

Roofing Contracts Ltd carry out all aspects of guttering works, cleaning, patch repairs or even installing a plygene gutter liner.

‘Gutterline’ is a flexible waterproof membrane, pre-formed to fit into existing gutters. The installation is completed using standard outlets and stop-end plates, hot air welded to the main membrane in situ.

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Rooflight Renewal

A simple way to improve a dull building into a brighter well lit environment can be achieved by replacing existing rooflights. The replacement of rooflights can often be done with little or in fact no disruption. Enabling your business to remain fully operational while the roof repair work is being carried out.

All our works are carried out in strict accordance with all health & safety legislation.

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